Friday, February 27, 2009


Big News! My official website is back up and running. will be geared exclusively toward the marketing of my commissions of horse and dog portraits.

As a result I will no longer be blogging here about aspects of an artists life, but will focus on showcasing my finished paintings (especially my landscapes). I am doing this because I felt the actual paintings were getting lost amidst all the other posts. I hope to post new images at least 3 times a week and will include availability of paintings in the post.

Also, I am starting a new blog OpArt where I will be writing about Art. It is my hope that this blog will be a place to read about what is going on in the art world that will be accessible for everyone.

I have recently started partnering with Image Kind in order to offer Giclee Prints of many of my paintings. Giclee prints are an affordable high quality alternative to original paintings and Image Kind allows you to choose the size you want, whether it's on Artists Paper or Canvas and framing options.

Lastly, I am starting a quarterly newsletter, if you want to receive it, please email me at

Thanks for visiting!

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